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Professional Wedding Photographer in Kent and Sussex

I’ve been a professional photographer since 2011 where I have been lucky enough to visit some wonderful places. Not only have I been capturing some amazing weddings and family portraits but also interiors throughout the UK and beyond.

My approach has always been to achieve a natural image and my goal (obsession) is to capture moments which are not only beautiful but ones you’d want to go back to time and time again, a little like snapping photos on your phone and then later lying in bed running through them again even though it was only a few hours ago you were actually there. I want that result to last forever!

Its extremely important to me to get the best of everything, to make sure everyone’s happy and relaxed around me, to be noticed but at the same time blending into the environment and capturing those impromptu moments especially where that person is completely unaware I am even there. For me, those are often the most poignant of photographs, the most atmospheric images freezing that moment in time, which will transport a person back to that day whenever they look at that photograph.

I love a challenge, the event alone is obviously a challenge but to me photography is also the challenge, a problem to be solved where you have to work out your environments, angles, light and then to use your knowledge and experience to bring together something amazing. Using long exposures to create amazing light effects at night but at the same time capturing a person in detail or using a drone to get a big crowd in shot raising there glasses to the Bride or Groom for a real impact image of the day. Its something you learn but its also a gift.

Who am I? I am rubbish at talking about myself, always the one to ask the questions and not the other way around. With this in mind I have asked a friend to write a bit about me to give you an idea of who I am as a person. Possibly a risky venture so I picked three friends a chose the best one ;)…

I have known James since we were at school together in Rye, as with all friendships they have their highs and lows but never for one moment have I thought we wouldn’t be friends until the end. He is capable, friendly, tenacious, honest, happy (most of the time), and has always been there to offer advice or just simply be there. His talents have shone through on everything he has set his sights on and with his endless desire for perfection has created some of the most amazing photographs from incredible landscapes to beautiful portraits. He likes to charm and loves a good joke and with his hard work ethic I’ve seen him build on his reputation as a photographer over the years. So much so I’ve even used him for my corporate events and my own wedding!

Come rain or shine, night or day I will always strive for the best.