Corporate Event Photographer in London & the South East

Engaging images to stand out & make an impact.

Every organization needs great imagery to promote and communicate a message on various platforms and campaigns.

corporate portrait photographer london

Arit Anderson – BBC Gardner’s World

My Approach

In any event, whether it’s in the corporate world, weddings, parties, I like to arrive early. This is important for helping with the lay of the land, where the best spots are in terms if lighting and scene. Where the speeches are taking place and where I can be to get the right compositions.

I love a great image and in order for me capture these photos I have a few processes I like to follow. Firstly, I like to hang back and not be too prominent whilst keeping an eye on my surroundings. This helps to keep everyone at ease. When the moments present themselves I am ready to take the shot.

I like to banter with the people I am photographing. Apart from the fact I like a good banter it helps to break down any barriers and provides a grounding for a great solo shot or group composition.

Above all, I am flexible and will do what it takes to get stuck in take great photos. I am friendly and respectful in my approach and feel its very important retain good manners and be thankful.

Kelly Hoppen – Interior Designer, Author & Proprietor of Kelly Hoppen Interiors


Before any event I like to have a pre-meet up either in person or over the phone to discuss any requirements for the event in question.

Its vital to give a clear picture in my mind as to what is expected. To get a detailed breakdown of the event, what you want the images for, whether its social media, publishing. Do you prefer posed or more documentary? Who’s on the priority list to be photographed and do you require landscape or portrait images. Perhaps some with more black spaces for use in advertising!

I appreciate that once an event is underway then you will be busy doing you job. I can be left to do mine knowing we have covered all the basis and wont miss anything out.


All my images will be professionally edited and will be sent within 48 hours. Happy to provide an onsite service as well as a faster turnaround on request.

They are place within a gallery on my website for you, your colleagues & clients to access and download.

Headshot photography

Making the face of your business professional and engaging.

Its good practice to make sure the people I am photographing has a bit of notice before the shoot. It gives the time to adjust to the idea and prepare.

I’m a very friendly person and will always make people feel at ease in front of the camera. I don’t like my photo been taken and appreciate others are probably the same!


It’s a good idea to meet up or chat over the phone about what you require from the shoot. Whether it’s for social media or publishing and to the style your looking for.


  • White backdrop

  • Dark Backdrop

  • Grey Backdrop

  • Outdoor setting

  • Workplace setting

Mobile Studio

I provide a full rig including the lighting and backdrops, which can easily be set up in less than 30 minutes.

It doesn’t require much space and all I would need is access to a power supply for the lighting.


All my images will be professionally edited and will be sent within 48 hours or quicker on request.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me.