Property photography in London, the South East of England and further afield.

Interior & architectural photography to captivate and inspire.

I have been using James to carry out the interior photography for my house renovation business over the last 6 years and the results have always been to the highest standards.  Nothing is too much trouble in getting the perfect shot and he is a real pleasure to work with.  I would have no hesitation in recommending James to others’

My introduction as a professional photographer came through photographing interiors. I have worked in and along side the property industry for most of my working life and have been very lucky to be involved in some amazing projects.

I thoroughly enjoy photographing property whether it is a family home or commercial building. Perhaps it’s something to do with property being more sedentary and forgiving. You can take your time over a shot. Playing with the set and making things just right.

Interior Photography

I began my professional career as a photographer back in 2011 when I felt there was an opening for a consistent and approachable Property Photography in London. I had worked within property for 15 years and came across countless photographers and all the time I was saying – I could do that.

Well, I put my money where my mouth was and did exactly that and started a company called Property Visual Ltd. It was a steep learning curve but one I jumped on quickly. I was a keen photographer & already had an eye for a photo but I then had to learn the techniques involved with interiors.

After a while I had built up a good client base and regular work and my experience just escalated. Allot of it was through estate agents but soon I was being approached by architects, builders and private home owners who still use me today.

I have learnt so much along the way, leading me into other sectors including portraits, weddings, events, products and even art reproduction photography. Its quite amazing where a camera can take you, I absolutely love that and welcome the challenge.

My Services

I don’t just photograph interiors. I provide a list of relevant services…

  • Image touch up – You provide your images for me to enhance, straighten. Lighten and adapt form print, web or social media.

  • Graphics – If you’d like images with a message then get in touch.

  • Brochures – I have a close relationship with a Print Works in London. Together we can provide some eye-catching literature.

  • Floor plans – RICS compliant floor plans in black & white or color.

  • Floor plan re-draw. You provide your plans and I will re-draw them. From architects drawings to your own sketches.

Floor plans

Property Visual was a floor plan service as well as a floor plan provider. Mainly directed towards estate agents but it was available to everyone.

I had experience of floor plans through working as an estate agent. One role was to measure up properties and then using a drafts board I would draw them and ink them by hand. Taught by a surveyor I had learnt the necessary skills to create accurate and detailed plans.

In order to gain further accreditation in this field I enrolled in a RICS compliant floor-planning course. Please see my certificate. I’m pretty confident not many people can provide you with one of these!

My Clients

I have a range of clients including interior designers, architects, builders, estate agents & private homeowners.

They are based across London & the South East of England but I would say the majority of my work is in London.

I welcome anyone who would like there property photographed and more than happy to just chat about what you have in mind.

My Techniques

For me I prefer to use ambient lighting where I can but this cannot always be the case. If so, the use an off camera light source to help the composition and lift the shadows is required.

I will stack my images to create a balanced composition using either light room or Photoshop or both. This requires a range of exposures, which come together, but I feel it’s a fine art to keep things natural.

My Equipment

I have a Nikon full frame DSLR and tend to switch between two lenses, a 20mm wide angle and my favorite 70mm lens, which can give me some sharp images great for editorial and publishing work.

Both lenses work great and can provide an excellent range of images.

External light sources as I mentioned. Included an off camera flash and studio lighting to help fill the room.

A sturdy tripod for longer exposures is a must.

Up to date editorial software including lightroom & Photoshop.


I have a fine tuned work routine with my older clients where we have been working together for some years. Often happy to provide me with the keys and let me get on with it.

For new clients it’s a great idea to have a chat over the phone and discuss the requirements.

  • What do you need photographing?

  • When?

  • Is it for the web, social media?

  • What size images do you require – billboards or posters?

  • Do you have a preference to style – Lights on or off?

  • Best time of day for a particular room?

  • Wide angle, editorial or both?

Lots of factors to think about and its a great idea to get a picture of what you have in mind so nothing is missed out.


Happy just to work alone or with your input. I want to make sure you are happy with everything and if you have a picture in your mind that you want to achieve then we can work together to produce it.


My images are all shot in RAW. This means they aren’t edited in the camera and need to be taken away to be edited using the latest software.

This is normally between 5 – 10 working days but it can be quicker on request.

Once completed I like to make sure the images perfect so you will receive a contact sheet via email to check things over. If you require changes then I am on hand to provide this.

Images are provided either…

  • Online via my website

  • Fire stick

  • CD

  • Link

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me.